by Avely

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released May 27, 2014

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Nick Bellmore @ Dexter's Lab, Milford CT
Mastered by Brad Boatwright @ Audiosiege
All music by Avely
Lyrics by Jaime Dever



all rights reserved


Avely Chicopee, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Tongue-Tie
Forgot to start what I already finished
I woke up wishing I didn't
I don't believe I could explain
The right words all fell out of hand
The dashboard and the windshield are the only ones who understand
Tongue tied and terrified
The kind of thing you'll never know
My mind is faster than my mouth
but I won't let it show
It all made sense talking to myself
I should think before I speak
It'll never sound as good as it did in my head
It'll never sound as good as it did in bed
Track Name: Envy
Drop me off the top of the highest building
Break me like you could care less
Look at me and say that you want me this way
I've become so petty in my eyes
I wonder where you go when I talk to you
I drink myself to sleep to run this feeling dry
Out of sight
Out of mind
Out of answers
Out of time
How frustrating it is to hear the words you wish you said
come out of someone else's mouth
You can't take it back once you've spoken
Bad habits are best left on the floor broken
Fill my cup to the top with envy
I wish that you were jealous just like me
Track Name: Fake Love
My heart's covered in dust,
but I've got love carved out of lust
that'll last me for the night
There's a hole in my head growing non-stop
I'll tear you up and laugh it off like it could ever be enough
Have we met before?
I'm sorry, was this bed of nails made for you and me?
I fake love so good but you know were just two warm bodies,
and that's all we'll ever be
How's it feel to be just fine with ripping apart someones mind
Why can't you go ahead and just say what this really is
Say what you fucking mean and tell me what i don't want to hear
I'm just your puppet on a string that's wrapped around me neck
Track Name: Bleedout
If i called you tomorrow would it be a waste of your time?
I hang my head low so I can't see your face and no one sees mine
I've got a secret that I've been keeping
I'm pathetic on my floor
You stare through a picture frame
and give me the feeling of nausea inside my gut
Smiles become fake
Cracks, they've become breaks
I would give it all if I could still be your mistake to make
My mind is worse than my eye
I was left to bleed out when I just wanted to die
Bottled up, it's still inside of me
but you won't know what you don't care to see
Track Name: Blame Me
I don't want to be here but i'll stay
Not old enough to know it all and too young to feel jaded
I don't want to be here but i'll stay stuck in between
You've killed this for me
Drenched in cold blood, you can have it all
I don't want it anymore
I've lost a reason to care
I'm the smog clogging up the air
I'm your cross to bear
I hate the words I'm made to sing when I don't want to be anything
but you'll be pinned with victimized charm and i'll be pinned as wrong
Blame me for everything, it's fine
It can be my fault
Blame me for everything and we'll watch it fall apart
Track Name: Stop The Car
I saw fire laced in blue
Took what I had of common sense and threw it away
How would it make you feel if I said I took every look that i could steal?
Almost fell through my hands
Almost too good to be real
Stop the car and let me out,
so I can walk back into a room full of no one
I still don't see just what made it so beautiful to me
Maybe it was the moment I found true honesty
If I left right now would you forget my name?
If you woke up next to me would you let me stay?
If I told you what i thought would you tell me i was wrong?
'Cause I don't think I'm the only one
Track Name: Numb
I live inside myself, frustrated and burnt out.
Lost my train of thought and lost my mind
but I found I'm miles above all the rest
Of all the liars I'm the best
No one knows the lies I tell and I'm sure they never will
I keep quiet things that I should say
I can't stand the sound of my own voice anyway
If you find out what it is that made you whole
well don't let me know
There's no fairness in the outcome
and no truth in what you preach
I wish karma would kill you
I wish there was such a thing
What happened to my life?
I used to know was it was like
To be angry
To be real
To be selfish
I wanna be selfish
Track Name: Homesick
The look that's on my face matches the dirty clothes that you wear
Now I guess we'll see whether or not I really care
You told me that you had your own things to do
I couldn't argue with that even if I wanted to
I cross your street and pace your front door steps
like I will never see them again
I drove all night to be there when you woke up
I would have stayed home if I knew you would just shut me out
I see your face and look into your eyes like I will never see them again
You were my home and now I don't have anywhere to go
I'm at your door
Won't you look out your window?
I'm at your door
Won't you please let me in?
Track Name: Revenge Therapy
Step all over me if it makes you feel right
Let the wall meet your fist if it helps you sleep at night
Lie to yourself 'til you're blue in the face
Hold your breath and maybe you'll forget the taste
of the sincerity behind your crooked teeth
But tell a soul
You wouldn't be caught dead
You still got my body in a box beneath your bed
I've seen the best, I've seen the worst
but the difference between them is paper thin
Come up with your own truth and make yourself believe
Oh the places that you'd go to try and find relief
Track Name: Watch You Disappear
You're dead, but I don't think i know it yet.
Burn me up in back, because i'll take what I can get
You're gone, but I don't think I see it yet
It's hard to believe when I'm sleeping with your silhouette
I can hear you whispering through my radio
I feel your eyes burning through me but I can't make out your face
Fill the space with people I've never met
The one thing that I knew I will forget
Whose been keeping me awake at night?
Is it the ghost inside my bed?
Or the one inside my head?
I wrote your name in the fog on the window
so I could watch you disappear
Track Name: Caught In The Rain
Found out the hard way that things would never be the same
I waited for salvation, but it never came
If you never gave me an answer
I would have waited there forever for you
I'll be fine if no one's waiting for me at my door
The phone keeps ringing,
I don't want to pick it up anymore
Just leave me be
Go the same as you came
Don't even bother to remember my name
I'm soaked to the bone
I'll never know what's true
But i guess it's safe to say convenience got the best of you
Hide behind those things that you and your friends can't explain
You stay caught in the crowd
I'll stay caught in the rain
You locked yourself away and no one has the key
It's your turn to hang your head
Take the bottle to your face
and your regret to your grave