False Hope

by Avely

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-Released on 7" vinyl via Unbuckled Records
-Tracks 2, 4, and 5 recorded with Johnny Pants and Matt Roy at Day and Night studios in late 2011
-Tracks 1 and 3 recorded by Chris Daniele at Yucky Studios
-All tracks mastered by Chris Daniele
-All music by Avely
-All lyrics by Jaime Dever


released November 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Avely Chicopee, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Head In The Clouds
I’ve already grown accustomed to hating everything that makes you you. I love to break it to you, the movie life ain’t true. The difference between you and me: you’ve got your head in the clouds. I’ve got my feet on the ground.
Track Name: Nothing Quite Cuts It
I couldn’t bare to call you up tonight. To hear your voice through the phone ringing in my ears would be torture. I’m still waiting for the right words to come along. What do you say when nothing quite says it? I spent my night staring at the walls in hopes that they’d talk back but I guess I’ll just keep to myself. I think that I’m just not enough. This is the way it will always be. A birds eye view of a cold white ceiling until I fall asleep to the T.V. You’ve cut out my tongue. No rebuttal from me. All the words I left unsaid are still stuck in my teeth. I’ll lay my head against the pillow and hope that I won’t miss you in the morning. I hope that something worth my time comes calling but nothing quite cuts it anymore.
Track Name: Hadley
There’s no streetlights on these roads. I can’t see past the Headlights. I’ll drive until this car runs out of gas. Until I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere. That’d be fine with me. I just don’t want to be at home. I never saw past you. I never bothered to look that far. It’s hard to find the bright side when everything looks dark through these eyes.
Track Name: Broken Keys
My world came crashing down last night. Don’t bother telling me a thing. I already know. My broken keys glisten off the pavement like the sparkle I used to see in your eye. And to think I thought only the highest of you. I found the truth. The truth about you. And now I wish I kept my head buried underneath the bed sheets.
Track Name: Canal Park
Every road has lead me here tonight. That old path through the woods, lit by fireflies. I filled myself to the brim with the thought it would work out. Now I wait for all the false hope in me to spill into the water. I waited for you on the dock at Canal Park. I knew you wouldn’t show, ‘cause everything you said was no more than a backhanded compliment or love letters with no intent to send. The last piece of you, dangling from the rear view reminds me of the nights we spent in my car fogging up the windows underneath dim street lights. Everything I once believed has fallen out from underneath me. The last piece of you I can’t stand the sight of anymore. The last piece of you I held in my fingers, threw it in the river and watched it sink to the bottom.